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Book Rating/Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Gary Lee – Quality Manager at American Products, LLC

I have made several attempts to write a review of Dr. Trevor Clohessy’s book “Blockchain The Business Perspective” but keep coming up with superlatives that don’t sound genuine, despite being the truth.  This book is truly great.  It does a wonderful job of explaining blockchain, its uses, business models, etc. in plain language that everyone can understand.  It does all of this while being based on solid research.  Let me describe how I came about reading this book.

I am working on my doctoral dissertation and am researching a topic around blockchain.  My emphasis is from a practical perspective dealing with implementing blockchain.  Many of the papers I read about blockchain dealt with possible uses, how it works technologically, or the advantages of such a system.  I could not locate anything about how a business would go about implementing blockchain.  Dr. Clohessy’s book does just that.
Keep in mind that the book is not just focused on implementing blockchain.  Possible uses, how it works, and the advantages of the system are all also discussed.  There is much more as well.  The chapters are arranged to take the reader through what blockchain is, to how it developed, to how it can be used.  From there he describes the negative aspects, some of the more advanced uses, implementation factors, and into the future of blockchain.

Because blockchain is so new as a research topic, much of what is in the book is original research done by Dr. Clohessy.  The research behind the book was done academically and is published separately.  What is presented in the book is broken down into understandable (and useful) information for students and business leaders alike.  He doesn’t bore the reader with technical jargon about operating systems or cryptographic hash functions.

This book strikes a balance of being well written and well researched while not being so esoteric that it is not usable.  It is written so that a student can use it as a text in a classroom or a business leader can understand all of the elements of the technology when looking to implement blockchain.

Of all the hundreds of articles, books, and papers I have read about blockchain for my research topic, this is the only one I would give my recommendation.  Dr. Clohessy has done a phenomenal job of taking a complex topic and presenting it in a useful way.
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